Canadian Taxpayers Money May Have Gone To Non-Existent Afghanistan Students

Allegations of corruption against EQUIP program

Canadian taxpayers have given over $110 million to Afghanistan since 2006 for the Education Quality Improvement Project (EQUIP).

EQUIP is run by the World Bank.

Now, a report by the Ottawa Citzen has raised the possibility that much of the money went towards non-existent Afghan students.

The new Afghan government looked at their documents and found that 6 million students were enrolled in the school system.

There’s only one problem with that:

The previous government said 11 million students were in school.

That means up to 5 million students were falsely put on government documents to justify increased aid. But since those students didn’t exist, it’s clear that the money must have gone somewhere else

That means tens of millions of Canadian taxpayer dollars were totally wasted.

The problem with foreign aid

The potential corruption and waste of the EQUIP program is just one example of big problems with foreign aid money being wasted.

This is one of the biggest problems with foreign aid – its vulnerability to corruption and its ineffectiveness. Foreign aid may sound nice in theory, but why should our tax dollars go towards it? Canada has serious problems here at home, and our government should focus on helping Canadians.

Those who want to help overseas are perfectly free to donate to any organization they like, but it shouldn’t be taxpayers money that is used.

Our government should put the interests of Canadian first.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter