The Last Thing Canada Needs Is More State-Funded Media

Public Policy Forum Calls For Taxpayer Funded Newspaper Bailout

Yesterday I wrote about the fact that Ottawa is considering using your taxpayer money to bail out Canada’s failing private newspapers.

Despite it being a horrible idea, the government refuses to reject it.

Today, the Public Policy Forum released a report, laying out “options” for the federal government to “save” journalism.

One of the options is actually decent – taking digital ads off the CBC – but many of the others are pretty terrible.

As you probably expected with a report from the political establishment, the main idea is to take your money and give it to the struggling newspapers.

In total, 6 out of the 12 recommendations are about sending taxpayer money to media organizations. The report calls for a $200 million bailout of the newspaper industry.

Not just a one-time $200 million bailout.

$200 million every year.

These newspapers and publications are owned by billionaires and/or massive media companies, why aren’t they paying up?

The idea that we should take money from struggling taxpayers and give it to newspapers is absurd.

Even worse, this would amount to a State Media Fund – controlled by politicians. Over time, this could skew coverage towards what the government wants, away from controversial suspects and stifling true accountability.

Of course, they will claim to be impartial and unbiased, but does anyone really think they would give funding to The Rebel over the Toronto Star?

Canada does not need more state-funded media – we need less of it. Actually, we need none of it.

What we need is to cut taxes so people can have more of their own money and spend it how they choose.

If we free people from the burden of excessive taxes, our economy will start to grow, and Canadian media organizations will succeed on their own merits, not forcing people to pay for them.

This is not an area for government intervention. Taxpayer money should not be spent on a media bailout. Canadians can make our own choices about what kind of media we want to consume. We don’t need politicians picking for us.

Spencer Fernando