A ‘Made In America’ iPhone?

A unique idea for the Trump era

As US President Trump continues to pressure corporations to increase manufacturing and production inside the United States, a technology analyst is proposing a unique idea: A ‘Made In America’ iPhone.

In an interview with CNBC, Brian White of the firm Drexel Hamilton, proposed the idea of Apple building an iPhone in the United States, and charging a $200 surcharge for the ‘Made in America’ version.

Said White, “There will be a lot of pressure to bring some manufacturing back to the U.S. If I were Apple, I would bring whatever they need to bring back — through the repatriation, because it may be connected — and they could market iPhones made in the U.S. and charge a premium.”  

“Designed by Apple in California, Assembled in China”

That sentence above appears on the back of every iPhone, showing Apple’s attempt to thread the needle on maintaining a sense of connection with the United States, despite all their phones being built in China.

About a million people in China are involved in iPhone production, and Trump wants to bring some of those jobs back to the US.

While Apple is extremely unlikely to bring much production back, Brian White’s idea is a smart one, since it would demonstrate a commitment on Apple’s part to their domestic market.

Of course, it would be a mostly symbolic move, and though some would pay the premium for the ‘Made in America’ iPhone, the regular model would still lead in sales.

The fact that this conversation is even happening shows how much Trump has changed the economic debate, and is a lesson for other leaders that publicly expressing support for the economy of your country can have benefits.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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