Mexican President Cancels Meeting With Trump

Enrique Pena Nieto will not visit with Donald Trump next week

Unsurprisingly, as US President Trump puts his stamp on the US government, tensions are rising between the United States and Mexico.

The Trump Administration has made early moves to begin construction of a border wall, potentially limit remittances from Mexican citizens back to Mexico, and increase deportations – all of which Mexico is against.

Additionally, Trump’s use of Twitter to pressure auto companies has already led to Ford cancelling an auto plant in Mexico (that was already under construction), and pushed other companies to prioritize expansion in the United States, rather than in Mexico.

Now, those tensions have risen to the surface in duelling statements by the Mexican and US Presidents.

Scheduled visit to US by Mexican President cancelled

After Trump signed executive orders on the border wall and illegal immigrants, Mexican President Nieto hinted that he would cancel his trip if the US insisted that Mexico pay for “The Wall.”

Then, President Trump tweeted this:

After those tweets, Mexico’s President announced that he would be cancelling his trip to the United States to meet with Trump.

Mexico’s President came under intense domestic pressure to cancel the visit, as Trump is deeply unpopular in Mexico.

Pena Nieto himself is unpopular – with approval ratings around 12% – so taking on Trump could help him win some more domestic support.

Mexico faces a tough situation

Trump presents Mexico with a big dilemma. Trump’s demands are humiliating to many Mexican citizens and to Mexican politicians. However, Mexico needs the US economy far more than the US needs Mexico, as 80% of Mexico’s exports go to the United States

If the cancelled meeting leads to a further breakdown in US-Mexico relations, Mexico will suffer much more than the US.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter