North Korea Moving Closer To ICBM Test

As I’ve written previously, North Korea’s regime has noticeably increased their belligerent remarks and threats, especially as their regime seems to be facing rising domestic unrest.

Now, North Korea is apparently sending signals that a test of an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile could be coming very soon.

NBC News is reporting that a senior North Korean regime official has said the ruthless communist regime is ready to launch an ICBM test “at any time, at any place.”

As one of the most closed and unpredictable regimes on earth, it is difficult to know whether to believe anything North Korea says.

In the past, they have used nuclear threats to gain access to foreign aid (what a shock, a communist country that can’t feed their people – nobody saw that coming).

That may be the case here, but North Korea’s increasing threats may also be an attempt to distract from what is seen as growing regime weakness under Kim Jong-Un.

This is a dangerous moment. A North Korean regime that felt power slipping away may be inclined to go down in a blaze of glory. That could mean a bloody war with South Korea – a conflict that could draw in both the US and China – and could even turn nuclear.

It could also mean a civil war in North Korea, as a heavily armed regime faces off against citizens who have been oppressed for decades.

All of these issues now face the new Trump administration, and North Korea may be using this moment to try to catch the United States off guard.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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