Political Correctness Is A Threat To Democracy

Those in power don’t want people to freely speak their minds

Disagreement is essential for democracy. Democracy is about identifying and correcting mistakes – fixing problems before they get totally out of hand.

The only to accurately identify problems – and threats – is to be able to speak freely about how we perceive the world.

Since we all see the world differently, what seems like common-sense to one person may seem crazy to another.

In just the same way, what seems like truth to one person may be very offensive to another.

As a result, any large and diverse society will have a large number of people who feel offended at any given time.

And that’s where political correctness comes in:

Those who advocate for further political correctness see people being offended as a problem to solve. Those who support free speech see people being offended as the inevitable result of a free society.

That gets to the core of the danger of political correctness. Because being offended is subjective, attempts to restrict speech will inevitably pit one group against another.

And the measures to actually restrict speech – to “protect” people from being offended, require government power.

That’s why it follows that political correctness leads to expanding the power of politicians to silence the voices of citizens.

That is not compatible with democracy.

If politicians are supposed to be our servants, how can we accept them telling us what we can and can’t think?

And how long until we lose our ability to say anything of substance, or even lose our ability to criticize those in power?

Even when they don’t use explicit punishments, those in power use the fear of punishment to keep people quiet.

That’s why those who control the government – the globalists and the elites – are such big advocates of “political correctness.”

The system the elites have set up relies upon a corrupt and rigged process that takes the production of Canadian workers (and the workers of other countries) and funnels it to those at the top of the power structure.

The only way to keep such a system in power for a long period of time is to suppress the ability of people to call it out.

Therefore, being able to slander – and then silence – any critics of the system becomes a key tool of maintaining the system to the benefit of the elites.

Those in power don’t want a true democracy, and they don’t want free speech. They want a carefully controlled and managed system that gives the outward appearance of freedom and democracy, while making sure no big changes are actually possible.

That is why we must push back against political correctness. If we want to be able to call out flaws in the system and put power back in the hands of Canadians, we must ensure that we are free to speak our minds, and we must resist those who would silence our voices.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter