POLL: Kevin O’Leary Conservatives Could Beat Trudeau Liberals

O’Leary-led Conservative Party would be within 1% of Liberals

A new Ipsos Reid poll first reported by Global shows that Kevin O’Leary stands a far better chance than either Maxime Bernier or Kellie Leitch at defeating Justin Trudeau.

Here are the results:

  • O’Leary as CPC Leader: Conservatives 37, Liberals 38, NDP 17
  • Leitch as CPC Leader: Conservatives 26, Liberals 42, NDP 21
  • Bernier as CPC Leader: Conservatives 28, Liberals 42, NDP 20

Those are big differences. If those numbers held up – no guarantee with the election years away – it means the difference between an even larger Liberal majority, and a potential Conservative win.

O’Leary’s strong numbers show the importance of media exposure, as he brings a level of name recognition that helps him compete against Trudeau in a way that neither Leitch nor Bernier can at this point.

Poll will help O’Leary’s campaign

Trudeau has seen his popularity slip, but defeating him will still be no easy task for the Conservative Party. That’s why this Ipsos poll will be such a big boost to O’Leary’s campaign, as it helps show him as the only candidate who offers a strong hope of victory – though it’s only one poll.

Could O’Leary win NDP votes?

Of note in the poll is the fact that NDP support declines and seems to shift towards the Conservatives when O’Leary is the CPC leader. While the NDP has moved towards being a party even farther to the left – especially with the Leap Manifesto foolishness – there is still a constituency within the party of union workers who want good jobs and a stronger Canadian economy. O’Leary may provide a path for the Conservatives to win those votes.

All in all, this poll is great news for Kevin O’Leary, bad news for his opponents, and very bad news for Justin Trudeau – who keeps demonstrating his unfitness for office with each passing day.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter