United States Will Drastically Reduce Role In United Nations After Trump Executive Orders: Report

According to a New York Times report, the United States will drastically reduce their role in the United Nations.

The change will come from executive orders that reduce US involvement in the UN and other global organizations. Additionally, other orders may focus on giving the US the ability to leave global and/or multilateral treaties.

The report says that the US will lay out conditions for cutting funding for UN organizations. 

  • Organizations that give membership to the Palestinian Authority or PLO would have their US funds eliminated.
  • UN organizations that fund abortion would also see their funding cut.
  • As well, any program that enables countries to get around sanctions on North Korea and Iran, or is dominated by a country that sponsors terrorist actions will see their funding cut by the US under the executive order.
  • Finally, organizations that are blamed for human rights violations or persecuting marginalized groups would have their US funding fully cut.

Aside from those conditions, the order would also cut US funding for all other international organizations by 40%.

The United Nations relies heavily upon US funding, particularly for peacekeeping missions. That means the cuts could have a big impact on the UN.

Review of Multilateral agreements

Another proposed executive order would initiate a review of all US treaties with more than one other country.

Trump has signalled a clear preference for one-on-one bilateral agreements, and reviewing – and potentially rescinding – multilateral deals would be a step towards country-to-country deals.

UN has severe hypocrisies

The UN does some good work in parts of the world, but that work is unfortunately drowned out by the massive corruption and immense hypocrisy that plagues the organization.

For example, Saudi Arabia – the country that probably treats women the worst of any nation on earth – has actually chaired the UN Human Rights Committee, which gave them the authority to pass judgement on the rights of women and how human rights violations are perceived around that world.

That’s a total disgrace and robs the UN of credibility.

The big problem with the UN is that it has no sense of values. It’s moral relativism makes it see Saudi Arabia or China’s oppressive actions the same as they view free societies like Canada and the United States.

That’s why the UN fails to solve problems – it’s often too morally blind to even see them.

Free nations should work together, rather than be beholden to the UN

If the executive orders come to pass, there will certainly be controversy about the US reducing their role in the UN. But any change brings opportunity. If the UN is weakened, it is a chance for countries with similar values – democracy, freedom of speech, economic freedom – to work together in a spirit of mutual interest, rather than being forced to bow down before anti-western countries that oppose our values and way of life.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter