Betrayal: General Motors Sending 600 Canadian Jobs To Mexico

We need leaders who put Canadian workers first

In a clear betrayal of Canada, up to 600 Canadian workers at the General Motors CAMI Assembly Plant in Ingersoll, Ontario will be losing their jobs in July.

The jobs are being taken from Canadians, and are being sent to Mexico.

So far, Justin Trudeau has been silent on this betrayal of Canadian workers. Considering his submissive attitude towards foreign countries, it’s unlikely he’ll do anything to fight for Canadian jobs.

The Ingersoll plant employs 2,800 Canadian workers.

Jerry Dias, the head of UNIFOR, says the decision is a sign that Canada needs to renegotiate NAFTA and says it “reeks of corporate greed.”

General Motors recently announced that they are moving production of the Terrain SUV from Canada to Mexico.

Canada’s auto sector has been declining relative to the growth in Mexico, a clear sign that Canada’s “free” trade ideology is failing many Canadian workers.

We need leaders who actually stand up for Canadian jobs and put Canada’s interests first, instead of bowing down for foreign powers.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter