Canada Budget Deficit Explodes By $13.7 Billion

Lots of spending, no results

Canadian Taxpayers money is being spent at a record pace by the Trudeau government. Information from Canada’s Finance Department shows that the federal budget deficit is exploding:

  • April – November 2016: 12.7 Billion Deficit
  • April – November 2015: 1.0 Billion Surplus

This demonstrates the total failure of the current government’s economic policies. If this money was really going towards real infrastructure projects we would be seeing a big boost in jobs and economic growth.

But that’s not happening. Our economy is stagnant, the unemployment rate isn’t going down. The middle class is getting squeezed even worse.

All that money, and zero results.

It’s pathetic.

Revenues Down, Spending Up

A deeper look at the Finance Department numbers shows how bad the government is doing.

  • Revenues are down $1.1 Billion.
  • Spending is up $14.0 Billion.

This means that the government is spending more, taxing more, and somehow bringing in less money. That’s as bad as it gets folks.

Justin Trudeau is stuck in an old and failed ideology. Rather than empowering Canadians by giving us the chance to keep more of the money we earn, he wants to take it out of our pockets and put it under the control of politicians.

Despite the fact that the world economy is far too complex for politicians to understand or control, Justin Trudeau’s solution is always more taxes and more government spending.

Today, we have clear evidence that his economic approach is failing.

Canada needs less regulation, less taxes and more economic empowerment. Trudeau’s big government approach has failed.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

You can read the Finance Department report here