Canada Should Not Fear Nationalism

Globalism is the real threat to our country

Canada’s political elites have long tried to destroy any sense of nationalism in our country. They have tried to make Canadians afraid of putting our own people and our own country first.

Instead, we have been fed a steady diet of globalism, which has led to our country becoming more and more subservient to foreign economic and political powers.

As Canadians, we are paying a big price for the globalist ideology:

  • Our government sends billions of dollars of taxpayer money around the world while our own people suffer.
  • We sign trade deals that kill jobs in our country and give foreign courts and foreign corporations power over our legislation.
  • We deprive our military of the resources they need while selling weapons to Saudi Arabia.
  • We bow down before China, opening up our national secrets and natural resources to be taken from us.
  • And we impose massive amounts of regulations, taxes, and restrictions on the prosperity of our own people, letting other countries catch up and even surpass us.

All of these failures are the result of globalism, not nationalism.

And yet, our political establishment shows no sign of waking up or changing course.

Think about it: It’s controversial within the establishment for someone in Canada to call themselves a nationalist, or to say that the interests and well-being of Canadian citizens should be the top priority of our government.

But we know that our establishment doesn’t truly represent real Canadians.

There is a huge gap between what the establishment believes and what most Canadians want to see from our government.

Most Canadians believe we should prioritize our own country and our own people. We should look at every decision we make through the lens of whether it helps make Canadians more prosperous and more secure.

  • Canadians know we shouldn’t be giving away billions in foreign aid around the world while Canadians live in poverty and suffer without the help they need.
  • Canadians know we shouldn’t be building up the armies of other countries while neglecting our own.
  • Canadians know we shouldn’t be imposing restrictions on our own people that we wouldn’t impose on other countries.
  • And Canadians know we shouldn’t be afraid to stand up for our belief in freedom and western principles just to avoid “offending” a few people.

In short, we need to put the interests of Canada first. To do that, we need to embrace a sense of Canadian Nationalism.

Canada must wake up to the fact that Globalism, not Nationalism is the real threat we face today.

If we – as a country – understand that truth, our potential prosperity and opportunity will be limited only by our imagination.

But if we remain trapped in the globalist ideology, we will hurtle towards a future of increasing deprivation, struggle, and chaos.

We have a very important choice to make, and the future of Canada depends on it.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter