Deceptive Trudeau’s Cash-For-Access Fundraisers Are Not “Ending”

Establishment media getting fooled by government spin

The media blares, “Trudeau to end controversial cash-for-access fundraisers,” giving him and the government the exact headlines they want.

But the media has been fooled.

Trudeau is playing the old bait-and-switch game. The media are focusing on one thing, while the really important action happens behind the scenes.

The fact is, Trudeau is not ending cash-for-access, he’s just being more deceptive.

Here’s why:

The media is reporting on a new law the government is planning to pass which they say would “end” the cash-for-access fundraisers that gave privileged access to the super rich, including foreign billionaires.

In one case, Chinese billionaire Zhang Bin attended a fundraiser and then later donated tens of thousands of dollars to the Trudeau Foundation and a statue of Pierre Trudeau.

What a coincidence…

Of course, the fundraisers proved incredibly unpopular, as Canadians rightfully asked why the Liberals were merging political fundraising and government lobbying.

So, the government is trying to end their public-relations nightmare by passing a new law. Here are the details as reported in the Globe & Mail:

  • All fundraisers must be conducted in publicly accessible spaces rather than private homes or clubs.
  • These fundraisers must be publicly advertised in advance.
  • A public report on each individual fundraiser must be released in a timely manner. These reports would detail how many people attended and how much was raised.

The first thing you see is that this does not “end” anything. It is certainly not a ban on cash-for-access fundraisers.

Does anyone really believe that Trudeau won’t just go into a private room and talk to foreign influencers? Do we really think the government won’t just lie about who attends? Reporting on who attended and how much was raised tells nothing about what was discussed.

It makes no sense for the media to refer to this as a “ban” on cash-for-access, because it’s not that at all.

The government is also saying they will let the media attend the fundraisers to “cover” the events. That sounds great, but that’s not actually being put into the legislation. It’s an “aspirational” goal, which is government-speak for “we aspire to get a great headline and then throw the promise in the garbage.”

Trudeau’s Cash-For-Access fundraisers are just getting more secretive

Here’s the thing about this “change”: It is actually moving the fundraisers underground. Buried in the Globe & Mail article that claims the fundraisers are “ending,” is this little gem:

“The new measures will not apply to backbench MPs who will be free to raise money at private or closed-door events.”


So, backbench MPs can still raise the money at secret events. This is the real story here. All that will change is that more backbench MPs will hold fundraisers “featuring” Trudeau as a “special guest.”

Instead of “Trudeau fundraisers” there will be more “Fundraisers with (insert backbench MP name) and special guest PM Trudeau.”

Real Change indeed…

I’m shocked (not really), that the media has been fooled so easily that they just repeat the government headline while ignoring the deception going on.

Nothing of actual substance is changing. Cash-For-Access fundraisers are still on. Foreign influencers will still get privileged access to the PM and will manipulate our government against the interests of Canadians.

The only difference is that the media is now distracted by a shiny object held up by the government, and gave the government the headline they so desperately craved. Make no mistake: Trudeau’s cash-for-access fundraisers are not ending.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter