Greece Should Leave The European Union

Reclaim independence

The European Union is under intense pressure, especially as the United Kingdom continues to do much better than many expected after opting for BREXIT.

Italy is in crisis. Borders are closing up. Refugee policy has divided the continent.

And now, Greece is back on the table. The debt-ridden nation continues to struggle economically, with high unemployment, weak (or non-existent growth), and an entire lost generation casting a pall over the nation.

Their third bailout deal ends in a year, which could lead to another dramatic and drawn-out political crisis.

The problem facing Greece is that all the solutions to their problems have resulted in their total loss of national independence. They are now beholden to the European Central Bank, Germany, and the IMF.

As a result, Greece faces half a century (at least) of debt repayments, along with low growth and continued economic suffering.

That’s what will happen if they stay in the EU.

And that’s why they should leave.

Greece needs to take back their independence. No country should be subservient to some distant politicians in a foreign capital.

Greek politicians made some horrible mistakes, including totally out-of-control spending, and severe over-regulation of the economy.

But those mistakes should not doom the Greek people to a life of serving the EU machine.

The European Union doesn’t care about anything other than enriching the globalist elites. They rule from afar over the lives of people they will never meet.

Greece should take back their true independence

Not only would Greece regain freedom and independence by leaving the EU, they would also benefit economically.

If Greece left the EU they would be able to set up their own currency, and it would be valued much lower than the Euro. This would boost Greece’s domestic economy and lead to a surge in tourism, as visiting Greece become way cheaper.

Yes, imports would cost more, but the economy would rebalance and import substitution would level things out. Greece could get a fresh start economically, charting their own course, rather than being the servants of distant Brussels bureaucrats.

It’s time for Greece to follow the example of the UK by leaving the European Union and reclaiming their independence.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter