Calexit: California Secession Movement Seeks To Get On Ballot

Supporters of a movement to have California secede from the US and become an independent nation are seeking to get the idea on the ballot.

The organization leading the effort – Yes California Independence – says they have 7,000 campaigners who will start collecting the 585,407 signatures required to get the question on the ballot.

California has a very open political system, allowing nearly any measure to get onto a state-wide referendum ballot if it meets the critical threshold.

“Calexit” (California exit) backers say their support has grown since the election of US President Donald Trump. On election day 2016, California voted so heavily for Hillary Clinton that they provided her entire margin of victory in the popular vote.

That said, support for California independence is far from a majority, with 32% of Californian’s favoring Calexit.

For comparison, across the United States 22% of people want their state to secede from the union, according to Reuters.

Calexit would be a two-step process, with the first step being the repealing of the clause in the state constitution that bans secession, followed by a vote on secession itself.

It should be kept in mind that Calexit is incredibly unlikely. The overwhelming majority of Californians oppose it, and right now it is currently acting as a vehicle for anti-Trump sentiment in a pro-democratic party state. People might be upset now, but there’s a big difference between voting in a reasearch poll and standing in a voting both considering actual seccession.

America won’t be losing states anytime soon.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter