Canada Should Not Pay Into United Nations Fund

Canadian Taxpayers money should not pay for the crimes of other countries

The United Nations has proven itself to be horribly corrupt on many occasions. Countries like Saudi Arabia somehow get to pass judgement on Women’s Rights, and dictatorships that terribly abuse their people get put on a level playing field with democratic nations.

Now, the United Nations is trying to get Canadian taxpayers to give money to a UN fund that would pay for the costs of other countries peacekeepers’ crimes.

The fund seems to have good intentions – as it is designed to pay for allegations of sexual abuse by UN peacekeepers.

But here’s the important question: Shouldn’t the countries who committed those crimes be paying the costs of those crimes?

Why should Canadian taxpayers pay for it?

And considering that it’s the United Nations we’re talking about, we have no guarantees that the money will actually get to the people who were effected. The UN is regularly involved in fraud schemes and massive corruption, so it’s just as likely that the money would be totally wasted or end up in the pockets of dictators.

In cases where an allegation has been made against a Canadian, we should deal directly with the other country involved, rather than the United Nations. The UN simply can not be trusted to fairly manage either justice or money, and Canadian taxpayers should not be made to pay the price for that.

Canada needs to start working more with countries that share our values of democracy and freedom. International institutions like the UN have become tools of corrupt globalism, beholden to an undemocratic international agenda that goes directly against our national interests.

Canada should never submit ourselves, or our taxpayers money to the United Nations.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter