Canada Should Be Proud Of The Oil Sands

Why would we bite the hand that feeds us?

The oil sands – and those who work in the energy industry – make an incredible contribution to our country.

This is something that is not discussed nearly enough.

Without the oil sands, Canada would have much worse infrastructure, poorer healthcare, badly diminished social services, and way higher taxes.

Without the oil sands, we would be a poorer and more unhealthy country. We would be worse off in every possible way.

The oil sands provide tremendous abundance that benefits all Canadians. Our entire economy is infused with the production of the oil sands, our lives are better in thousands of ways big and small because the oil sands exist.

And yet – all too often – the attitude our government takes towards the oil sands is one of shame, rather than one of pride.

Even when they promote the oil sands, they seem to do so hesitantly.

That is a huge mistake.

If our country, and our leaders seem ashamed of the oil sands, what message does that send to the rest of the world?

We are already far too willing to entertain hypocritical international criticism of the oil sands

Consider those most opposed to the oil sands:

  • The hypocrites at the European Union who feel they can lecture us about the oil sands while they consume massive quantities of natural gas.
  • International globalist activists who denigrate the oil sands every chance they get, while pushing policies that would make Canada weaker and force us to buy more oil from Saudi Arabia.

Why the hell should Canada listen to that?

People are free to criticize the oil sands and whatever else they oppose. But that doesn’t mean our leaders should listen to that criticism.

We need to show pride in the oil sands, and the workers who keep it going.

Canada should never show any shame, and we should never be apologetic about it.

Instead, we should push back against those who would foolishly condemn us, making sure we are doing what it takes to continue growing and expanding the oil sands.

That would have a big positive impact on our country.

The oil sands are something for our nation to be proud of, and if we can help that pride grow in our country, we will have the strength to push back against those would rather the oil sands didn’t exist at all.

Many of those who oppose the oil sands want to keep Canada weak and subservient. We must never let them get what they want.

Canada’s future and our prosperity depends on the oil sands remaining strong and secure. As Canadians, let’s make sure that happens. Let’s take pride in the oil sands and support the best interests of our nation.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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