Trudeau Popularity DECLINES After Town Halls: Poll

Trudeau Liberals lose public support after failed town halls

Justin Trudeau’s town halls appear to have backfired, as his Liberal party is now less popular than they were before the town halls began.

Here are the results from before and after the town halls, according to the Nanos Poll:

  • The Liberals have fallen from 41.39, to 39.42 per cent.
  • The Conservatives have risen from 28.44 to 31.17 per cent.

The results make sense considering the numerous bad headlines and gaffes during Trudeau’s townhalls.

From his refusal to speak English at a Quebec town hall, his dishonesty surrounding the Aga Khan trips, and his foolish musings about “phasing out the oil sands,” Trudeau is getting worse and worse at hiding his elitist agenda.

The town halls have exposed Trudeau’s ignorance and contempt for the day-to-day lives of regular Canadians. He has provided the same old political lines while promising to double-down on his destructive carbon tax and out-of-touch agenda.

Far from showing more of a connection with the Canadian people, Trudeau’s town halls have only deepened the sense that he is more comfortable spending his time around foreign billionaires than around the people who he was elected to serve.

Trudeau is the wrong leader for Canada

The stagnation and weakness of our economy, combined with our growing weakness in a dangerous and unstable world were already signs that Justin Trudeau was not up to the job of leading our country.

But now, his willingness to sell us out to China, and his refusal to take measures that would protect Canada from America’s upcoming business tax and regulatory changes – makes it obvious that Trudeau simply can’t adjust to the world as it exists today.

We live in a difficult, dangerous, and competitive era. Canada needs strength, we need action, and we need common-sense. Trudeau has demonstrated none of those things, and Canadians are paying the price.

His declining poll numbers and the failure of his town halls, is a sign that Canadians are realizing how badly Canada needs change.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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We know what he is doing….. we are waking up! Some of more than others!

John Rogers

His popularity declines every time he opens his mouth and every time he does not. He is a serious liability to this country and needs to let the adults back in the room to try to clean up his mess. In any other country he would have been removed long before now. We sit and wonder what to do?

Rick Bourget

Jihad Justin…throw him out

Bob Fry

Mr. Trudeau presentation at the Town Hall meetings, is like a school teacher scolding some rowdy students. I believe some of the people at the Town Hall Meetings are starting to see through his shallow personality and to push him for better answers to questions that haven’t been addressed over the last two years. My biggest concern is that all the immigrants will vote for the incumbent party that brought them to our country. The Liberals are tabling a bill to remove the two year period waiting period before voting as a Canadian. So approximately another 3/4 million new citizens… Read more »

Karen Renaud

Totally agree with all of what you have said.. He needs to be removed from power now!

Dorothy Martin.

Finally Canadians are waking up to the reality of this arrogant, insolent, trust fund baby. He should never have been elected in the first place, but he is a convincing liar and many people bought into his ‘SUNNY DAY” garbage. The truth is, this idiot never even had a degree, has no idea on the economy, is so far removed from how REAL CANADIANS LIVE, that he may as well be on the moon. He is a poisonous snake, and he is doing damage we will live with for a long time after he is gone. He is part of… Read more »

Abdul Jabar Mohammed

You are mis-guided if you believe White Anglo-Saxons are still the ruling majority in Canada. Fact is the combined minorities can choose whomever they want to rule the roost. Say goodbye to the traditional European Canadian, and make room for the Middle East, and it’s values.

Carol Secondiak

Trudeau seems to think flying around the country, having town hall meetings, will ensure everything he says and does will be agreed upon, and people will love him and his ideas!! Wrong!!


Canadians are getting exactly what they voted for. It’s not like they weren’t warned. Now maybe they won’t listen to foreigners disguised as Canadians and the mainstream media next time. Elections have consequences, enjoy, people….

Stephen Miechkota

The people knew that Trudeau was no good after just a short time as Prime Minister. The money he was giving to the Middle East. He was giving his friends perks but he couldn’t hide what he was doing. He would have like to though. He should be thrown out as PM, before he causes more trouble for out country. He became a big shot in a short time and thought he knew how to change the world. There is just nothing good written about him. It’s all bad. It shouldn’t be like that.