War On Cash: Europe Moving Closer To Cash Ban

Globalists are increasing their efforts to take away economic freedom

The European Union is moving closer to a total ban on cash payments, laying the groundwork for a fully digital currency system that the government can monitor and manipulate at will.

Not long ago, the elitist gathering at Davos, Switzerland featured discussions of getting rid of physical currency, and the European Commission – an arm of the European Union – is putting that plan into place.

The Commission has put forward a proposal for “restrictions on payments in cash.”

The plan would impose a restriction on payments in cash above a certain level. As a hint of what that level could be, consider that the European Union recently banned the $500 Euro Note.

Cash bans are about government control, not security

As we’ve seen, the globalists are continually expanding their efforts to gain control over every little aspect of our lives. Cash bans are an essential part of their plan.

They use the excuse of “security,” saying that banning cash will stop criminal and terrorist networks. That’s a clever justification, but it has no basis in reality.

As we’ve seen, bitcoin exchanges, and “secure” government networks get hacked. Even the Pentagon has been hacked. Syria – even while ravaged by war – has operated advanced hacking groups. Banks, corporations, and credit card companies get hacked with increasing regularity.

At the same time, a massive amount of crime takes place online, and the authorities are always struggling to catch up.

So the idea that moving all transactions online will somehow make things safer or reduce terrorism and crime is a total fraud.

We know what cash bans are about: Control

It’s about tracking every single financial decision from cradle-to-grave. It’s about collecting even more taxes so they can be wasted by the government. And it’s about being able to impose negative-interest rates (making you pay the bank for holding your money), and taking away any chance of us pulling our money from the powerful international banks.

Cash bans are getting closer and closer. The the plan being put forth by the European Commission is part of a larger effort by the Globalists – and they want to bring those bans to North America as well. We need to be vigilant about any attempts to take away our economic and financial freedom, and speak out against efforts to ban cash.

Our freedom and independence is on the line.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter