Canada Should Sign Bilateral Deal With America

As NAFTA renegotiation draws nearer, Canada must take steps to protect our national interest.

While some may want us to take a naive position in “solidarity” with Mexico, there is no good reason for us to do that.

Considering that Mexico just took 600 jobs away from Canada when GM announced they were shifting production from an Ingersoll, Ontario assembly plant, we should consider why we would want to look out for Mexico’s interests when it seems they haven’t looked out for ours.

They were glad to take jobs from Canadians – using NAFTA – so maybe we can get a better deal without as much involvement from Mexico.

Canada and the US have similar wages, similar regulations, and similar tax rates. The balance is not perfect – nor should it be because we are an independent country – but our two economies are similar enough that a bilateral deal that benefits both nations can be found.

Mexico is a different case. Mexico pays their workers way less than we do in Canada, one of the ways they take jobs under NAFTA. If the US cracks down on Mexico, and we negotiate a strong bilateral deal between us and the Americans, Canada could benefit big time.

It’s a nice concept in theory to stand in “solidarity” with other countries, but Canada must look out for the best interests of the Canadian people above all else.

That’s why Canada should not be obsessed with holding on to NAFTA – if we can get a better on-on-one deal with the US we should do everything we can to secure it.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter