‘Trump & Dump’ Automated Investing Program Reacts To Trump Tweets (VIDEO)

A unique automated program reacts to tweets by US President Donald Trump, and bets on the stock declining.

Trump’s tweets about companies he is unhappy with – particularly auto companies such as Toyota or BMW, have caused the stock prices of those companies to decline – temporarily.

Those declines, even when they are very short – provide an investment opportunity, as people can bet that the stock will go down and then profit from that bet.

Taking advantage of that opportunity requires the ability to move swiftly, hence the automated program.

It is called The Trump & Dump Bot, and was developed by T3. You can see how it works in the video below:

This is a great example of ingenuity and innovation, and a reminder that there is always an opportunity to be found if we look hard enough.

All profits from the Trump & Dump bot go to the ASPCA.

Spencer Fernando