UPDATED: Alexandre Bissonnette Identified As Suspect In Quebec City Mosque Shooting

UPDATE:  Police have said only one of the men arrested was involved in the shooting. Alexandre Bissonnette has been identified as the sole suspect.

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Police have suspect in custody after shooting at the Quebec City Islamic Cultural Centre, motive not yet established

The RCMP has identified two suspects in the Quebec City Mosque shooting that took the lives of 6 people, and injured many more. However, it turned out that only one of the identified suspects was involved, while the other was a witness.

The suspect has been identified as Alexandre Bissonnette.

It is thought that the suspect may be students at Quebec’s Laval University, though this has not been confirmed.

Quebec Premier calls shooting “An act of terrorism”

Quebec Premier Phillippe Couillard has called the shooting an act of terrorism, adding, “It’s a murderous act directed at a specific community. I think the majority of citizens, not just in Quebec but elsewhere, would describe it that way.”

Motives not yet known

Police do not yet know the motives behind the attack, and there has been minimal speculation about what drove the killer to commit their terrible actions.

The Mosque targeted in the shooting had previously received a severed pigs head, but police have not made any connection between that incident and the shooting.

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