Defiant Iran Test-Fires Ballistic Missile

Concerning move by Iranian regime

The Iranian Regime has test-fired a Khorramshahr ballistic missile near the city of Tehran.

The missile test is in violation of a UN agreement – though that doesn’t mean much.

The test took place near Semnan, which is located around 140 miles from Tehran, Iran’s capital city.

According to US officials, the missile flew about 600 miles before it blew up. It was reportedly a failed test.

A UN resolution that took effect on July 20, 2015, bans Iran from test-firing any ballistic missiles until 2023.

Of course, considering it’s the UN we’re talking about, we can’t expect any action to be taken.

Iran missile test raises nuclear deal doubts

Iran has regularly made provocative statements, including by their former President who denied the holocaust and called for the destruction of Israel.

It is therefore quite concerning to see Iran test-firing ballistic missiles, particularly given the fact that they want nuclear weapons.

Iran has tried to say that the missile test was allowed since the missile was not carrying any nuclear material, which is quite ironic since the whole reason they are testing out the missile is so they can fill it with nuclear material at a later date.

Iran with nuclear weapons is very concerning

The idea of Iran having nuclear weapons is quite concerning, since their history shows they would use them to threaten their neighbours and threaten the destruction of Israel.

We have already seen how big a problem North Korea is now that they have nukes. If Iran gets them, then we will have another big world trouble-spot to add to the list.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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