Watch Out Canada: Justin Trudeau Is Planning To Tax Your Health & Dental Plans

Tax will hit Canadians Dental, Mental Health, Vision, Prescription Drugs, and more

13.5 Million Canadians Could Be Hit By Trudeau’s Massive Tax Hike

As he prepares to hit all of us with a carbon tax, apparently Justin Trudeau doesn’t feel he’s gone far enough.

Now, he’s planning a massive new tax that could cost you hundreds, and even thousands of dollars.

The tax is on health and dental plans, and will add a huge burden to paying for healthcare in Canada.

As much as we talk about our public healthcare system, there are many services that are not publicly provided. Many of those services include dental, vision, and prescription drug plans.

Those plans are not currently taxed by the federal government. But Trudeau is planning to change that.

This is the last thing the government should do.

It’s already bad enough that the federal government is failing to create the necessary innovation or savings in the healthcare system, but we are actually falling further and further behind other countries.

Even Colombia – after years of being ravaged by internal war and corruption – has better healthcare than Canada, as our much vaunted healthcare system fails to live up to its mythical image.

Now, Justin Trudeau is planning to reach deep into your pockets and extract even more money, making it tougher to pay for the healthcare you need.

Trudeau’s tax will hit middle class Canadians

Justin Trudeau’s new tax will hit Canadians of all income levels, and the impact will be huge on the middle class.

Courtesy of the Conference Board, here is what Trudeau’s tax on healthcare will cost:

  • A person earning $45,000 will pay an extra $1,167 in taxes per year.
  • A person earning $60,000 will pay an $1,043 in taxes per year.
  • A person earning $90,000 will pay an $1,277 in taxes per year.

These numbers are based on workers in Ontario, and are considered very close to what individuals across Canada would pay every year if Trudeau imposed the new tax.

Trust Fund Trudeau doesn’t care about those who struggle

Justin Trudeau is a privileged trust fund kid, born into massive wealth and never having to struggle financially. So for him, imposing a massive new tax on Canadians health plans just looks like numbers on a spreadsheet.

He doesn’t understand the impact it will have, and he doesn’t understand the stress and financial damage he will cause.

He will never understand a family sitting around the table looking at their bills, trying to figure out what to pay, and what to hold off for another month, and hope it will somehow work out.

With every move he makes, Justin Trudeau only proves that he is nothing but a tool of the elites. He proves that he is out of touch, and has no compassion for the vast majority of Canadians who have to make tough financial choices on a day-to-day basis.

Taxing health plans is a horrible and destructive idea. Instead of getting the government’s fiscal health in order, instead of cutting the salaries of overpaid politicians and bureaucrats, Justin Trudeau is taking more of your money.

It’s lazy, and it’s harmful to Canadians.

Trust Fund Trudeau’s health tax is not real change. It’s more of the same dishonesty, deception, and betrayal from those in power. Trudeau is just making it even worse.

Canadians deserve far better.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter