Canada To Spend Billions On F-18 Super Hornets

New jets are meant to bridge the gap between old F-18s and ‘next generation’ fighters, but F-35s could be better deal

It is being reported by CBC that the Canadian government is planning to spend between $5 – $7 billion on sole-sourced F-18 Super Hornets.

The Super Hornets are being purchased to give the airforce flight capable jets while they wait for either the F-35, or another fifth generation fighter. The current CF-18s are aging rapidly, and many are near the end of the their lifespan.

The government will be purchasing 18 of the jets. Each one is expected to cost $85 million. Additional costs for service will bring the total price to as much as $7 billion.

Trump could have effect on future Canadian military jet purchases

US President Donald Trump has been pushing Lockheed Martin (creator of the F-35), to get the price down.

If he succeeds – and Lockheed Martin has said they will lower the price – Canada’s F-18 Super Hornet may not be as good a bargain. In fact, it could make the Super Hornet purchase look foolish, as we will be paying a lot of money when we could have had better planes for nearly the same price.

Canada should buy F-35s

It is an embarrassment – for both the current and former government – that it has taken us so long to buy a few dozen planes.

It speaks to the disregard our leaders show for the Canadian military, as it seems giving our pilots and armed forces members the tools they need is always last on the list for the politicians.

During World War 2, Canada was producing thousands of planes every year. And while those planes were much simpler, there is no excuse for the pathetically slow procurement process we face today.

Canada should buy the F-35s, while fighting for as good a price as possible. Our pilots deserve the best, and we need to act quickly to ensure we have strong defences to keep our country and the Canadian people safe.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter