John McCallum Now Free To Sell Canada Out To China Full-Time

John McCallum has left his position as an MP, and will now head overseas to serve as Ambassador to China

John McCallum and Stephane Dion have both left their positions as MP’s. McCallum is heading to China, while Stephane Dion will serve as Canadian Ambassador to the European Union and Germany.

I’ll get to Dion in another post, but here are my thoughts on McCallum.

John McCallum has already said he is going to pursue a free-trade deal with China. I’ve written about how horrible an idea that is, since it will devastate our economy and hurt the middle class.

Even worse, Trudeau appears ready to sell off our military secrets to China, and you can bet that McCallum will be pushing that kind of “integration” with the communist nation.

Canada is at serious risk because of Trudeau’s naive beliefs about China

I don’t have anything personal against John McCallum. The problem here is Trudeau, and the orders Trudeau is giving McCallum.

Don’t forget, we’ve already seen Trudeau say he admires China’s “basic dictatorship.” I guess Trudeau admires jailing political prisoners, suppressing free speech, denying freedom of religion, and horrible human rights abuses.

Trudeau and his government seem blind to the moral differences between nations like Canada and the US, and China’s authoritarian, undemocratic government that oppresses their people and threatens their neighbours.

McCallum will serve the globalists and elites

The Chinese government, Trudeau, and many international banks all have one thing in common: They serve the same agenda of enriching the few at the expense of the many.

That’s why many globalist trade deals impose international courts that supersede national courts – letting corporations sue governments and override the decisions of citizens.

China’s leaders and well-connected leaders like Trudeau all run in the same circles, know the same people, and benefit from the same policies.

They could care less that those policies don’t benefit the taxpayers who actually pay the bills and keep the country going.

Canadians must push back against efforts to sell us out to China

There’s no mistaking the fact that Justin Trudeau is using John McCallum to serve Canada up on a silver platter to China. They seem to think that if we are prepared to give everything up Canada will somehow benefit from China’s “kindness.”

That’s not what will happen.

China’s regime is ruthless, and pursues their own self-interest at the expense of everything else. They will take our resources, flood our country with their products even more, crush what is left of Canadian manufacturing, and begin to erode human rights in our own country through political pressure and their growing influence.

That is not something we can let happen. We must push back against efforts by China to dominate our country, and we must speak out against Canadian politicians – including Justin Trudeau and John McCallum – who would sell us out to the highest bidder.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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