Poll: Liberals Drop To 12-Month Low, Conservatives Hit 12-Month High

Liberals maintain lead, but their support is on a downward trajectory

According to a new Nanos Poll, the Liberal Party of Canada is losing support, while Conservative support is on the rise.

Here are the results:

  • Liberals – 39.1%
  • Conservatives – 32.1%
  • NDP – 16.3%

The Liberals still have a clear lead in accessible voters, with 57% saying they would consider voting Liberal, while 47.6% would consider voting Conservative.

The poll points to the challenges facing both political parties. The Liberals have fallen back to about the level of support they had on election day. This shows that their honeymoon is over, as the accumulation of Trudeau’s mistakes, political scandals like cash-for-access, and the Aga Khan trip, combined with continued economic stagnation – have taken their toll on Liberal support.

At the same time, the Conservatives are without a permanent leader, and even hitting a 12 month high has just brought them back to about where they were on election day.

This poll shows Canadian politics settling into a holding pattern, with most people planning to vote the same way they did in 2015.

It will take a new Conservative leader to reset the political scene, but the Liberals declining popularity – shown in multiple polls – is a warning to the government that the Canadian people are losing patience with the Trust Fund Kid.

You can read the full Nanos Poll here

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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