Total Fraud: Trudeau Gets Photo-Op, Ignores Woman In Need

Trudeau was glad to get a photo with Kathy Katula, but he could care less about helping her

Justin Trudeau is great at photo-ops. He smiles! He hugs! He shows compassion!

But it’s all a big fraud.

Photo-ops don’t matter – actions matter.

And Trudeau’s actions show he doesn’t care about the vast majority of Canadians.

More evidence of that came in a report by 580 CFRA Radio in Ottawa.

At a town hall in Ontario, Kathy Katula tearfully explained to Trudeau that her hydro bill was bigger than her mortgage, and that she only had $60 left over for groceries once her bills were paid. She said Trudeau’s carbon tax was something she just couldn’t afford.

Trudeau went over to her and gave her a hug – securing the great photo-op. But despite saying he would “get it fixed,” he hasn’t followed up at all.

“Nobody called to see if I was ok…. nobody, not a soul,” says Katula.

Little faith in Trudeau

“I wanted him to give me a way that he was going to make things better, I did cry when I did hug him, but that was because he said ‘thank you for coming and I’m going to fix it,” said Katula.

“Right now I don’t have a whole lot of faith in him, unfortunately.”

This is what Trudeau and his government are all about. Present a nice, compassionate, and friendly face to the public, while screwing Canadian workers and taxpayers behind the scenes.

The photos are nice, the policy is terrible.

Trudeau doesn’t serve real Canadians

Justin Trudeau’s actions – not his words or photos – show he cares more about what foreign billionaires think than he does about what Canadians are worried about.

He gives access to rich Chinese billionaires, and acts quickly to open up our national secrets and banking system to them, but when it comes to helping struggling Canadians he is MIA.

That’s why we have to see past the image Trudeau presents and look at his actions:

  • He overtaxes struggling Canadians
  • He puts our national secrets at risk to foreign countries
  • He gives privileged access to foreign billionaires
  • He underfunds our national defence
  • He breaks his promises at a record pace
  • He refuses to speak English at a town hall in Quebec, despite being asked a question in English.
  • He goes on trips to the island of a billionaire who lobbies the government and gets taxpayer money, then tries to hide that trip from the public

All of these actions matter far more than any photo-op. They show that Trudeau is interested in the public attention of the job, but not actually doing the job or serving those who put him there.

Kathy Katula’s experience is a tangible example of what Trudeau is doing to all Canadians: He showed up for the photo-op, but he’s missing for the follow-through.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter