Infographic: The Globalist War On Cash

Those in power want more surveillance and less individual freedom, and they’ve declared war on cash to make it happen

I write often about the war on cash being waged by the globalists, as it is one of the least reported, yet most important issues of our time.

The war on cash has the potential to dramatically reduce our individual freedom, taking away our ability to remove our money from the system. It would give international banks even more power, and put us at risk of being totally wiped out by one successful hacking attempt.

It’s about power and control – the two things the globalist elites want more than ever. That’s why they keep waging the war on cash.

It’s also why we need to be as aware and knowledgable as possible, so we can push back against efforts to control us. The infographic below is a great way to understand the war on cash.

Infographic: The Global War On Cash

Courtesy of: The Money Project


Spencer Fernando

Photo – The Money Project