LIAR: Trudeau Officially Breaks Electoral Reform Promise

Promise made, promise broken

The speculation was mounting for some time, but now Justin Trudeau has made it official: There will be no electoral reform in time for 2019.

There will be no referendum either.

You’ll recall that Justin Trudeau said 2015 would be “the last election under the first past the post system.”


The announcement of the broken promise came in a mandate letter written for Democratic Institutions Minister Karina Gould. In the letter Trudeau writes, “Changing the electoral system will not be in your mandate.”


Trudeau won many NDP votes with the electoral reform promise, as many NDP supporters were upset that Stephen Harper won a majority with 40% of the popular vote – ironically the same percentage as Trudeau got.

Those who switched from the NDP to the Liberals for the electoral reform promise won’t be happy, and that anger could seriously dent Trudeau’s support and destroy his democratic legitimacy.

NDP MP Nathan Cullen ripped Trudeau in question period:

“This is one of the most cynical displays of self-serving politics this government has yet to engage in, seeking any excuse, however weak, however absent, to justify that lie to Canadians.”

Cullen added that Trudeau, “promised to conduct himself with honour and integrity…. It puts into question any promise, any commitment Mr. Trudeau makes or has made in the past.”

Trudeau should have put electoral reform to a vote

Trudeau never had the courage to put electoral reform to a vote, because he was afraid Canadians may not pick the option he wanted. Instead, he put out a garbage MyDemocracy survey, rigged to get the results he wanted.

It seems even that failed, capping a pathetic display by a dishonest and deceptive government.

Trudeau has shown incompetence and deception with his handling of electoral reform, and has forfeited any moral authority he had left to govern the country. His word cannot be trusted, his statements and promises mean nothing.

A man who got his job simply because of his last name is now being exposed as a dishonest and failed leader, who is loyal only to a tiny group of elitists while betraying and lying to the Canadian people.

For those who were still supporting Trudeau in the vain hope that he would be an honest leader, his broken electoral reform promise should be the straw that breaks the camels back.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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