Poll: 49% of Americans Support Trump Travel Ban, 41% Oppose

Americans split along party lines in response to Trump’s executive order

A Reuters/Ipsos poll shows Americans are divided on the issue of US President Donald Trump’s immigration and refugee ban, with a plurality supporting the measure.

According to the poll, 49% support the executive order, while 41% oppose it.

Americans are divided in thirds on whether the measure makes them feel safer, with 31% saying they feel “more safe,” 26% saying they feel “less safe,” and 33% saying it makes no difference.

The travel ban has proved controversial, with some referring to it as a “Muslim ban” since it pauses travel from Libya, Somalia, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, and Sudan – all majority Muslim countries.

However, the ban does not include many of the most populated Muslim nations, and about 87% of the world’s Muslims are not affected by the ban.

The travel ban has generated strong feelings, with 53% of Democrats saying they “strongly disagree,” while 51% of Republicans “strongly agree” with Trump’s executive order.

The poll also showed low support for preferencing a particular religion when it comes to the acceptance of refugees.

On the question of whether America should “welcome Christian refugees, but not Muslim ones,” 56% of Americans disagreed.

Media often misses public opinion

The fact that 49% support the overall travel ban helps explain why the Trump administration is not backing down despite criticism and controversy.

As was often seen during the campaign, Trump’s base of supporters is rarely represented in the mainstream media, and as a result, support for Trump and his policies is underestimated. If you watched the media lately you would get the impression that the vast majority of Americans opposed Trump’s action on immigration. The Reuters/Ipsos poll shows a different story.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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