Trudeau Vacation Buddy Gets $15K In Taxpayers Money For ‘Think Tank’

Stupidity: Pro-Trudeau think tank gets money from the government for event featuring government ministers

The sense of entitlement and disrespect for taxpayers continues to get worse and worse from our federal government.

CTV is reporting that the government gave $15,000 to Canada 2020, a think-tank run by a close friend of Justin Trudeau.

The money sponsored a conference that featured Minister’s Bardish Chagger and Jim Carr as speakers. The conference took place at the glitzy Chateau Laurier in Ottawa.

CTV reports that the organization is run by Tom Pitfield, a friend of Justin Trudeau from childhood. Pitfield is married to the President of the Liberal Party, Anna Gainey.

Both Gainey and Pitfield were with Trudeau at the Aga Khan’s private island – a trip now being investigated for possible ethics violations.

Trudeau corrupting government to serve his own interests

It is becoming quite clear that Justin Trudeau views the government has his personal plaything, and the taxpayers as his personal piggy bank.

Using a “private” think tank as a front for the government, while giving that think tank money, is a clear example of a corrupt and entitled attitude.

The evidence of Trudeau’s unfitness for office is piling up. Worst of all is his lack of loyalty towards the struggling taxpayers of this country, who get ignored while Trudeau is off meeting his elitist friends.

This is a total slap in the face to Canadians. As we get burdened by more and more taxes and our economy stagnates, Trudeau is betraying his country on a daily basis by acting like an entitled prince rather than a democratic leader.

Canadians need to realize what’s happening, and realize that our government doesn’t have our best interests in mind, because if Trudeau keeps getting away with it, his corrupt attitude will get even worse.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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