Trump Administration Puts Iran “On Notice”

The first big foreign policy test for the Trump Administration may be imminent

Iran recently test fired a ballistic missile, in possible violation of the nuclear deal they signed with numerous world powers.

This test is now leading to potential conflict.

Retired General Michael Flynn – head of the US National Security Council – has issued a warning to Iran over the test, saying they are officially “on notice.”

Watch: Flynn’s warning to Iran

The prospect of rising tensions with Iran will be a test of the new Trump Administration’s approach to foreign policy.

The world will be looking to see how Trump backs up words with action, or whether he will at all.

Former US President Obama was heavily criticized for declaring that Syrian use of chemical weapons would be a “red line.” However, after Assad used chemical weapons, Obama did not intervene. This caused a loss of trust and authority with many countries, as it seemed the word of the US could no longer be trusted.

Telling Iran that they are “on notice” is both a strong, and vague statement. If it is not followed up with some sort of action, it could attract more incitement and more challenges to the United Stats.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter