Coward Trudeau Throws Rookie Minister Under The Bus On Electoral Reform

Karina Gould deserved far better

When Justin Trudeau announced that he was breaking his electoral reform pledge, he didn’t have the guts to do it himself.

Instead, he sent out rookie Minister Karina Gould to deliver the bad news, as he hid far from sight.


Gould by all accounts is a genuine believer in electoral reform, and just a few weeks ago said she was committed to electoral reform.

Clearly, the decision to break the promise was made by Trudeau, who then sent her up to take all the blame.

Trudeau’s actions are not that of a leader, they are the actions of a coward.

He put up a rookie Minister to take the heat, and to provide the media clip of the government betraying one of their key promises. He didn’t have the courage to stand up and deliver the message himself. Instead, he put Karina Gould’s reputation and credibility on the line, providing a video clip that will last throughout time and follow her throughout her career.

For Trudeau to do that to a rookie Minister, who trusted in him and ran as a candidate on a platform of electoral reform, is disgraceful and pathetic.

Every day Justin Trudeau proves more and more how horrendous a leader he is. He is a spoiled kid born into privilege who views the government as his own birthright, and his Ministers as tools to protect him from unpopularity, rather than serve the Canadian people.

Trudeau’s treatment of Karina Gould shows him to be nothing but a cowardly and incompetent leader. If he treats his own colleagues that way, why should we be surprised he is treating Canadians so terribly as well?

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Facebook