DAMAGE CONTROL: Liberal MP Apologizes For Trudeau’s Broken Electoral Reform Promise

The “distancing” has begun as Nathaniel Erskine-Smith criticizes his party for lying about electoral reform

You know things are getting bad when MPs start publicly distancing themselves from their party leader.

That’s exactly what Nathaniel Erskine-Smith, Liberal MP for Beaches-East York did in an open letter, following Justin Trudeau’s decision to betray those who supported him.

Trudeau recently announced – through a Minister set up as the scapegoat since Trudeau didn’t have the guts to do it himself – that he was breaking his promise of reforming the electoral system.

The announcement has caused intense outrage, both among supporter of electoral reform, and an even larger group of Canadians enraged that he would lie so blatantly during the campaign.

Now, at least one of his own MPs is turning on him.

Said Erskine-Smith, “I am disappointed that we have broken our promise, and I strongly disagree with our government’s decision to abandon electoral reform.”

Erskine-Smith even called for a referendum, a position taken by the Conservatives:

“A referendum could be divisive. It might be overrun by misinformation. It would cost $300 million if it took place before 2019. And it may well be biased towards the status quo and fail to deliver reform. But it removes the question from politicians with a self-interested stake in any change, and it is better than abandoning reform altogether,” said Erskine-Smith.

Erskine-Smith added, “To all Canadians who support the promise of reform, and especially to those who supported me and believed in my promise of change throughout both the nomination and general election in Beaches-East York, I am deeply sorry.”

Trudeau should be worried

Political parties generally keep disagreements on the inside, so if a dispute spills to the surface it’s a sign that internal dissent is rising to intense levels.

Those who voted for Trudeau were voting for what they thought would be an honest and ethical government – since that’s what Trudeau campaigned on.

Now, it is clear that he has betrayed all who voted for him, those who volunteered for him, and those who ran for him.

It’s that sense of betrayal – added to Trudeau’s lack of ethics and lack of loyalty to Canada – that is eroding his support and turning Canadians against him.

That is the anger that Erskine-Smith is expressing in his letter – combined of course with his self-interest in wanting to get re-elected.

If even Trudeau’s own MPs are starting to see how much of a liar he is, it is clear that his mask is slipping. The dishonest, entitled, and incompetent man behind the selfies is being revealed. And Canadians – even those in his own government – aren’t liking what we’re seeing.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter