Trump Administration To Impose New Iran Sanctions

Missile test leading to push for new sanctions and containment measures

According to a report by Reuters, the United States will impose new sanctions on Iran after they tested a ballistic missile in defiance of the nuclear deal.

The Trump Administration announced that Iran was “on notice,” after the test. Trump tweeted about it, and then shared his thoughts on the Iran deal:

Not long after, Trump tweeted the following:

Iran dismissed Trump’s comments as “ranting,” and vowed more missile tests.

New sanctions on Iran

The sanctions on Iran are reportedly already covered by existing executive orders, and will fall within the scope of the Iran deal, meaning they would not put the deal in jeopardy.

The Reuters report also states that Trump is considering further measures against Iran, and he has said “nothing is off the table,” including military force.

The Trump Administration has toughened up the rhetoric against Iran, but it should be noted that their approach so far of increasing sanctions and warning of military threats is similar to that of the Obama Administration.

There is tension within the White House, as some of Trump’s top cabinet picks – included General James “Mad Dog” Mattis, have emphasized keeping the Iran deal in place, while Trump has ripped the deal every chance he gets.

The new sanctions on Iran will likely be the opening volley in a war of words between the two nations, which could turn into a full-blown shooting war soon enough.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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