Bad Purchase For Canada: Super Hornets Might Last Just 12 Years

Liberal government continuing long history of politicians failing our military

Canada’s military has often been an afterthought of our politicians.

Our troops don’t get the care and help they need when they return home. They are chronically underfunded. And the equipment they rely upon is left to decay and decline.

And when the government does buy equipment, they generally mess up the whole process.

Consider the Sea King Helicopter fiasco, or the 4 subs we purchased from the UK that were in terrible condition.

It’s an embarrassment for our country.

And it’s getting worse.

The effort to replace the CF-18s has been a total joke from start to finish. It’s been so mismanaged that the government is now trying to find an “interim” solution to keep Canada’s pilots in the air.

Now, the Liberals plan to purchase 18 F-18 Super Hornets has run into a bit of a snag: Despite costing billions, the planes will only last for 12 years. That’s an incredibly short lifespan, considering the current CF-18s have been operating since the 1980’s.

It’s another dumb decision that shows how little regard the government has for the Canadian Forces and Canadian taxpayers.

Permanent fighter fleet may not arrive until 2032

As if paying billions for planes that won’t last wasn’t bad enough, the government is saying that Canada may not get our permanent fighter jet fleet until 2032.

That’s crazy.

Considering we were talking about new planes in 2011, how can it take 22 years to finally get them? That’s pathetic, and shows total incompetence on the part of the government.

The only way it can take that long is if the government really doesn’t care. Considering that we are one of the largest nations on earth in terms of landmass, and we face an increasingly violent and unstable world, having an airforce that can defend our territory is essential. We certainly need more than 18 stop-gap planes to do the job.

With our government failing to strengthen our defences, manage our money wisely, or give our armed force the tools they need, it will be up to Canadians to demand that our leaders finally start taking our national security seriously, stop messing up military procurement, and start investing in keeping Canada safe.

It is clear that we need a full mindset shift when it comes to funding our armed forces in Canada.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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