Disturbing: The Real Agenda Behind The United Nations Push Against Global Warming

United Nations Official Says ‘Global Warming’ Actually About “Intentionally” Transforming Economy

The United Nations talks a big game on the environment. But a disturbing statement by a UN official has exposed a very different agenda by the UN when it comes to global warming.

The statement was made by Christiana Figueres – Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention On Climate Change.

Here’s what Figueres said:

“This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time, to change the economic development model that has been reigning for at least 150 years, since the Industrial Revolution.”

Changing the economic model?

To what exactly?

Let’s think for a second.

What has happened since the industrial revolution?

  • A massive reduction in global poverty.
  • An explosion in lifespan.
  • Technological advances more rapid than any period in human history.
  • A huge population increase, as food production and healthcare became incredibly advanced compared to the period before the industrial revolution.

So again, what exactly does the UN have in mind?

This is deeply disturbing. We can’t just dismiss this. It needs to be shared.

Many people have a positive view of the UN, and in some cases they do good work. But overall, it is clear that behind the facade of “global cooperation,” they are really pushing a radical agenda that will destroy national sovereignty and crush our economic system.

UN official Figueres went even further in the press conference:

“This is probably the most difficult task we have ever given ourselves, which is to intentionally transform the economic development model for the first time in human history.”

“Given ourselves?”

Nobody gave the UN that mandate.

Nobody gave our political leaders that mandate either.

People don’t want an agenda to destroy the only economic system – capitalism – that has ever generated the wealth necessary to help our species advance.

People want more jobs, more wealth, and a better life.

It is quite clear that something is happening behind the scenes, a stealth effort to steal the wealth of our country, and rob all advanced economies. And those politicians – such as Justin Trudeau – who serve that agenda instead of serving the Canadian people – are part of putting our future prosperity at risk.

In all of these situations, we need to look at who will suffer and who will benefit.

Imagine for a moment that the UN got everything they wanted from their agenda. We would see western countries stripped of our wealth, and it would be sent off to nations with far less developed economies. We would see massive restrictions placed on resource extraction, and regulations that would devastate vast sectors of our economy.

But, some people wouldn’t suffer at all. The globalists, and the elitists within many countries who serve them, would all keep their jobs, and would probably get even richer as more and more money gets sent to the government.

Those in the comfy bureaucratic government offices, international banks, and other elitist groups would see their lives continue as normal. In the meantime, Canadian workers and workers and middle-class people around the world would suffer immensely.

We can already see this UN agenda being implemented in Canada

  • Ontario residents are being crushed by massive Hydro Fees.
  • Regulations and taxes are causing our economy to stagnate.
  • A new carbon tax is on the way that will severely damage our economy and steal even more of our money.

All of this is part of a clear agenda, meant to benefit a small group of elitist insiders who would rather listen to edicts from the UN than act in the best interests of their own people.

Figueres comments have given away part of what the United Nations is really about, and gives all of us a chance to spread the word and show that this is part of a larger plan.

The UN does not have our best interests in mind, and those leaders who bow down before the UN are not acting in Canada’s interests.

We need to take steps to reduce pollution and make sure we leave a clean environment for future generations, but the best way to do that is to keep growing our economy which will lead to more technological innovation.

Instead, our leaders are following an agenda that stacks the deck against us, making us poorer and blocking our opportunities, all so they can check a box on the UN plan for “changing the economy.”

Canada must not let our future be diminished because of the corrupt agenda of a bureaucracy that is unaccountable to us, and doesn’t care about our livelihood.

We need to control our own future, and act in the best interests of our own citizens. That means seeing the UN “environmental agenda” for what it is, and ensuring that we always do what is right for our country, regardless of what any international organization may say.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Well its nice to see a few people wake up to what some of us have been talking about for awhile. Trudeau is a trader. He is selling out Canada for his own agenda. If you don’t believe it try doing a little honest research. The evidence is overwhelming.

jack Holliston

Pierre’s kid Justin. is running on the family name. He can’t get enough of himself. Photo ops. Right wing governments are very corrupt and self serving. Trudy is like Harper a CEO for corrupt companies. Alberta is a province where for the last 45 years has been really ripped off by foreigners. Trudy is buying foreign votes with Canadian Taxpayers dollars. There are more and more corrupt politicians,who are on the take. Why would anyone sell affordable and profitable public assets to the very corrupt private sector. Why would the conservatives , liberals , and justice system cover up the… Read more »

F. Chips

One of the more sensible articles I’ve read online in a long time – refreshing to read someone saying it as it is.


So….in other words…the U N mandate is to destroy capitalism and install Socialism which is one step away from Communism. To bring to North America what they’ve done to CUBA, VENEZUELA, AND ALL COMMUNIST CONTRIES.

William Jones

Well stated, Spencer and I doubt that anyone can add comments of much value to your statement. Whether we like it or not, perhaps it is time for everyone to see the U.N. as it truly is, and not as it has been portrayed to be over the years. I have always found it odd that, when the U.N. was formed, it utilized one of the concepts from the League of Nations, which was to claim that under their auspices there would be no more, or very few wars for citizens around the world to fear. As so often happens,… Read more »

mavis J Houston

Stop doing business with China?” I disagree. It’s too late. They own a lot of Canada. Property, and businesses. They have a lot of “buying power” too. We have a lot more criminals in our government than China has. The private citizen in China has a better chance of becoming rich than Canadians. They must be doing something right. We can’t afford to shut the door.


Unfortunately Canada is doomed to be one more UN victim. Trudeau and his party from day elected made no secret in there actions Canada and its future not their mandate. Secondly his re election demonstrates Canadians willingness to allow themselves to be the sacrificial lamb to a socialist communist future.

Arie Intveld

The United Nations is the legislative branch of the oligarchical/corporate cabal who are orchestrating (and implementing) the New World Order. The United Nations is the largest organized crime enterprise on earth. It is also flat-ass broke. Developed economies keep shoveling taxpayers’ money into the UN to keep the dystopian engine running. A more apt moniker for the UN would be EVIL Corp. Perhaps only then would people be less eager to fund their own decline into servitude and misery.