Trump’s Immigration Ban Executive Order Is Now Blocked Across The Entire United States

Judge Strikes Down Trump’s Immigration Executive Order – Temporarily

US District Judge James Robart has granted a temporary restraining order against Donald Trump’s executive order restricting immigration from seven countries.

This means the travel ban no longer applies. However, it is not a permanent block of the law, but applies until further rulings.

The US government will likely challenge this order very quickly, and the court may put a stay on the decision – meaning the executive order would continue to apply – until the appeal is decided.

Until (and if) that happens, the law is not in effect.

The Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson had sought to get a restraining order halting the order. By granting that restraining order, US District Judge James Robart has invalidated the law temporarily.

Here is what Ferguson argued in his request for the restraining order, saying, “Constitution’s guarantee of Equal Protection and the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause, infringes on individuals’ constitutional right to Due Process and contravenes the federal Immigration & Nationality Act.”

The judge did not rule on whether Trump’s travel ban was constitutional, but it is blocked nevertheless.

The Attorney General later tweeted about the restraining order:

US Customs & Border Control will comply with court order

The court order has the potential to create chaos, as people could literally be in the middle of being blocked entry to the United States and be allowed in when word about the order reaches the authorities.

However, the likelihood of that chaos may be lessened, since US Customs & Border Control have said they will comply with the order.

The temporary restraining order is certainly not the end of the travel ban debate. An appeal, and possible further challenges at higher courts will be forthcoming, meaning Trump’s executive order could come back into force soon, or stay blocked permanently.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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