Argentina Passes Order Restricting Immigration

Some in Argentina call for a wall to be built on their border with Bolivia

The government of Argentina has passed an order restricting immigration, as fears of crime and economic difficulty rise.

President Mauricio Macri put forth a government decree limiting immigration from some of Argentina’s neighbours, saying, “We cannot continue to allow criminals to keep choosing Argentina as a place to commit offenses.”

As the New York Times reported, Macri has echoed some of Trump’s campaign rhetoric, saying the government must put the interests of Argentines first.

Poll shows Argentines support tougher immigration measures

While Macri’s immigration crackdown is being criticized by some other latin American leaders, a poll shows that 71% of Argentinian citizens support it.

Some have called for even tougher measures, including building a wall on Argentina’s border with Bolivia.

The law will also make it easier to deport immigrants for various crimes, and reduces the available time to appeal a deportation order.

Argentina joins Kuwait in surprising the world with strict immigration measures

While the world has focused on condemning Donald Trump and the United States for tougher immigration measures, other nations have pursued similar policies.

Kuwait – a majority-Muslim nation, recently banned immigration from 5 other Muslim-majority countries.

With Argentina’s new order on immigration, it shows that fears of crime and terrorism are not limited to just one country, or even one region of the world.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter