More Liberals Flee From Trudeau’s Broken Promise

Electoral reform lie has MP’s running scared

You know the internal poll numbers are looking bad when MP’s start admitting that their party “broke a promise.”

But you know it’s even worse when MP’s openly admit their government could be “held accountable,” at the ballot box for breaking their promise.

That’s what MP Arif Virani said in a letter to constituents. “We made a commitment to Canadians during the 2015 campaign, a commitment we are no longer able to keep. For that decision, we may be held accountable in our system of Parliamentary Democracy. That is the way our system works — that is your right as a voter.”

Considering how careful political parties are to avoid admitting a mistake, that’s quite a statement.

And consider this, from Liberal MP Jonathan Wilkinson. “I and my colleagues should not be, and are not, pretending that we have not moved away from a campaign commitment. We have.”

This is as close to throwing Justin Trudeau under the bus as these MP’s can get without being thrown out of their party.

Obviously they aren’t making these statements out of some sense of duty or honour.

They’re just trying to save themselves from electoral punishment.

They are starting to wake up – far too late for it to matter – to the fact that Justin Trudeau is a dishonest and incompetent “leader.”

“Held accountable” has to mean losing votes

When politicians talk about being “held accountable,” they’re usually hoping it means a few weeks of bad press and then everything goes back to normal.

If that happens, the lesson for Trudeau will be that he can lie about anything and get away it.

That’s why the Canadian people need to make sure “being held accountable” means losing votes and losing the election.

After all, Trudeau’s electoral reform lie is just the latest in a list of failures.

There’s the lie about the deficit, selling us out to China, bringing in a stupid and dangerous carbon tax, his trip to the Aga Khan’s private island, and even more.

Now, his own MP’s are starting to see how bad things are, and how unfit Trudeau is for office. But none of them will do anything of substance to bring change, because their incentive is to keep playing the game and hope their party rebounds.

Thus it falls to us, the Canadian people, to vote this government out and demand much better from their replacements.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter