Canada’s New Frigate Purchase Falling Apart

When will the government ever get a military purchase done right?

The continuing inability of Canadian governments to successfully give our armed forces what they need is an ongoing embarrassment for Canada.

It also puts our country at risk.

As we know, the F-18 Super Hornet purchase is looking like a big debacle – we’re paying almost as much for planes that will last only 12 years as we would pay for planes that could last 30 years. Also adding to the failure is the possibility that we won’t get any fifth generation fighters until 2032, an absolutely outrageous delay.

Now, there is word that Canada’s frigate purchase program is falling apart, with bidders for the deal threatening to drop out entirely.

The government changed the bidding process, originally saying that only designs that are actually being used would be considered. However, the government later changed that, saying that a bid from BAE would be considered – even though the Type 26 Warship is not yet proven.

This change is causing some of the world’s biggest ship designers to consider leaving the program, including the Italian firm Fincantieri.

Personally, I think we should have a Canadian designer take the lead, but that’s a conversation for another article.

And, from what I’ve read of the Type 26 it seems like a good ship, so that’s not the real problem.

The problem is that once again, the government seems to be messing up a military procurement.

Really, who is in charge of these things?

The government can’t purchase new helicopters, they can’t get decent submarines, they can’t get new fighter planes, and now they can’t get ships.

Clearly, the government just doesn’t take it seriously. It speaks to something even worse than incompetence: Indifference towards Canada’s national defence.

Our elites seem to think the world is some safe and peaceful place, rather than recognizing the danger and uncertainty that we have to deal with.

Defending against that and keeping our people safe, requires increasing military spending and strengthening our defences. Until our government takes that seriously – and is willing to back that up with investment and competence – we will keep seeing procurement failures, and our country will continue to be in danger.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter