Controversial: Der Spiegel Trump Cover Depicts Trump Beheading Statue Of Liberty

Cover comparing Trump to a terrorist sparks controversy and criticism

Der Spiegel, a German weekly magazine, has sparked outrage after publishing a magazine cover depicting US President Donald Trump holding the severed head of Lady Liberty in one hand, and a bloody knife in the other.

The full Der Spiegel Trump Cover is depicted below:

Controversial: Der Spiegel Trump Cover Depicts Trump Beheading Statue Of Liberty

As you can imagine, the cover has sparked controversy – which means Der Spiegel will sell more copies.

Reaction veered towards the negative side, with even some of the media criticizing the cover.

The German newspaper Die Welt said, “This Spiegel cover devalues journalism,” while Bild asked, “Are you allowed to compare Trump to the ISIS slaughterer Jihadi John?”

The Editor of De Spiegel – Klaus Brinkaeumer – had this to say about it:

“In our cover image, the American President is beheading that symbol which has welcomed migrants and refugees to the USA since 1886, and with that democracy and freedom.”

Der Spiegel is known for their provocative covers, including this one from the 2016 Presidential Election:

Der Spiegel Trump Clinton Cover

Der Spiegel is free to print what they want, and the fact that so many people are talking about it – including me – shows that they got the attention they wanted from it.

That said, to compare Trump to a terrorist who beheads innocent people – which is what the cover is doing – is absurd. Innocent Germans have died at the hands of real terrorists, most gruesomely when a man drove a truck into a crowd of people at a Christmas market.

An American President – whether popular or not – is not the same as a terrorist adhering to an extremist, dark ages mentality. The real outrage – beyond any provocative magazine cover – would be if the west stopped being able to see the difference between us and those who want our civilization to be destroyed.

Spencer Fernando