Canada Should Pick Supreme Court Justices On Merit, Not Race

Picking the best is more important than political correctness

One of the new criteria for upcoming Canadian Supreme Court Justices is “diversity.”

This sounds great of course, just as every politically correct thing sounds nice at first.

But when you dig a little deeper, it’s both condescending and troubling.

One thing I’ve always found odd is that rather than call for an equal playing field for all regardless of race or background, there are people who actually call for favouring one race over another.

We see that in the idea of racial quotas, appointing people to positions and giving some people extra benefits just because of their background.

This is a big mistake.

Jobs should go to the best qualified applicant, regardless of their race.

Removing discrimination is good, adding a new type of discrimination is bad

Whenever there is an instance of someone being denied a job because of their background, that needs to be stopped immediately. We know there is still racism in the world, and laws that stop discrimination have to be enforced.

But that enforcement should be about ensuring equal opportunity, not more opportunity for some and less for others.

Bringing in a new type of discrimination – which favours people of a certain race over another – is NOT the solution.

All that does is create further resentment and division.

And it is condescending to those in minority groups, as it implies that some sort of extra help is needed, rather than believing in the skills and talents within diverse communities.

We need to get beyond race and treat everyone as an individual – judged on our own choices and decisions – not our race or background.

That can only happen when MERIT is the sole focus when hiring for a job.

With all this in mind, Canada’s next Supreme Court justice should be picked on their merits, not to fill up a political correctness checklist.

If the best candidate is someone from a minority group, that’s great, if it’s not, that’s also great. Merit is all that should matter.

Diversity should happen naturally, as people with talent from all backgrounds rise to the top. Nobody should receive special favours, and nobody should face extra hurdles.

We need to get beyond race and look at people’s talents and skills.

That’s all that matters, and it’s just common sense.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – TheMightyQuill