Trudeau Government Wasted $4.1 Million On Worthless Electoral Reform ‘Consultations’

Canadian Taxpayers get screwed over once again

We all know that Justin Trudeau never really planned to go ahead with electoral reform.

If he did he would have held a referendum, and his garbage MyDemocracy survey would have actually included different electoral reform options.

So, it’s obvious that he never meant it. He strung everyone along, pretended to care what Canadians thought, and then deep-sixed his campaign pledge.

Canadians won’t forget his lies.

And we won’t forget the amount of our taxpayer dollars wasted on Trudeau’s deception.

$4.1 million of Canadian taxpayers money wasted

A report on government expenses shows that Justin Trudeau’s government spent – at minimum – $4.1 million on “electoral reform.”

Part of that spending was on a parliamentary committee that created a massive 300 page report – which included a recommendation that the government hold a referendum on electoral reform.

But that wasn’t the answer the government wanted, so they scrapped it.

Also – as reported by the National Post – Maryam Monsef got $16,145 for her travel expenses during “consultations” across the country. She even spent $1,587 of taxpayers money on hosting a breakfast.

Oh, and that pathetic MyDemocracy survey? Taxpayers paid $369,058 for that.

Overall, the bulk of the wasted money – $3.4 million – was spent on “communications activities.”

A pathetic fail by Trudeau and the government, and we taxpayers pay the price again

It’s bad enough to break a promise. It’s even worse to break a promise while wasting taxpayers money.

Government never creates anything. They only take. They take from us through taxes. They drain away our prosperity. The very least we can ask is that they show respect for us and our money.

But the Trudeau government clearly doesn’t care about Canadian taxpayers, and the money they wasted on electoral reform makes that painfully clear.

What a disgrace.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter