Waste & Distraction: Canadians Turn Against Trudeau Town Halls

Poll shows Canadians continue to lose faith in the PM

Justin Trudeau’s town hall meetings didn’t go well for him. He called for phasing out the oil sands, deceived people about his Aga Khan trip, and refused to answer a question in English while in Quebec, even though the questions was asked by an English speaking citizen.

Now, according to a Global News Ipsos poll, a majority of Canadians see Trudeau’s town halls as both a waste, and a distraction.

According to the poll, 52% called the town halls a waste of money. 51% said the town halls were meant to distract from other news.

These polls match up with other surveys that have shown the Trudeau Liberals losing support, as economic stagnation and scandals add up.

Trudeau’s campaign image is crumbling

Trudeau crafted a clever image in the campaign, pretending he actually cared about helping Canadians. Instead, he has served only the elite, pushing a massive carbon tax that will devastate Canadian workers and families while enriching politicians.

Now, Trudeau is being exposed as the elitist tool that he is, and his government is losing support. Canadians are seeing through the lies that have been pushed by a weak and compliant establishment media.

As more and more of his deception and incompetence is exposed, look for the poll numbers to keep falling. At the same time, watch for the government to try and grab even more money and power away from us, as their one instinct is to always enrich and empower themselves at our expense.

Canada needs a new leadership mindset

Simply switching parties won’t be enough. If a new Prime Minster and new government merely incrementally tweaks around the edges nothing will really change.

Canada needs to decisively put more power in the hands of Canadian citizens, and we need to take clear action to act in our own national interests. That means big tax cuts, cancelling the carbon tax, building up our military, and downsizing government.

This will start repairing the relationship between the Canadian government and the Canadian people.

The only alternative to that common-sense change is what Trudeau and the elites are providing: Screwing Canadians over behind the scenes while providing distracting events like town halls to make it look like they care what people think. That’s all they can offer.

Thankfully, as the recent Global News Ipsos poll shows, Canadians are waking up.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Rene Labrecque

Pretty much describes his whole political career, waste, spend and distract. Worst part is we will be paying for his idiocy for many years, someone has to pay the debt incurred for his stupidity.

Linda Callihoo

I am glad to see Canadians finally waking up!! Thank you Spencer Fernando for sharing the truth, sharing what most of the media won’t! GOD Bless our Country

Linda Callihoo

I am glad to see Canadians finally waking up!! Thank you Spencer Fernando for sharing the truth, sharing what most of the media won’t!

S. Baum

Good points. Government needs to be significantly downsized, the problem is when you retire these people you end up paying them BIG pensions. This needs to stop. Tax cuts need to happen to encourage businesses to remain in Canada. Canadian companies i.e. General Motors, need to operate more competitively. Carbon tax needs to be thrown out! Good article!

Teresa Scott Bolen

I am pretty sure Parliament (180 Liberals, 97 Conservatives, 44 NDP and 0 Bloc, 1 independent and 1 Green) will be taking note of the polls and the disgust Canadians have with Trudeau. Let’s hope they do the right thing and have a vote of non-confidence. The deficit alone should spur them on, let alone the immigration fiasco and Aga Khan.

Sherrie Gregoire

Canada needs to hold a vote of Non-Confidence NOW!!! Bring back Stephen Harper!!! Please!!!

Barry Tooley

The liberals have a huge majority government. A vote of non confidence isn’t even a possibility unless 40 or more liberals decide to vote against themselves, which isn’t likely.

Onelia Olman

He is weak , inexpedience, and they push him aroundown. By the time his term is over, the damage could be beyond repair

Lance robinson

Justin Trudeau should be charged with treason for what he’s done that lying piece of trash!

Alfred Kraft

Is there any way Turdeau can be forced from office?

Richard Gabriel

Justin Trudeau-Quebecers are better than other Canadians