WTF? Trudeau Government Minister Says Syria War Linked To ‘Climate Change’

Shifting attention from the real problem

Our current government really wants to live in a world of make-believe, where there are no real enemies, no dangers, and no threats to be confronted.

Except for the threat of climate-change that is.

Thus, we end up with Canada’s Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan linking climate-change to the Syria conflict.

In a recent speech, Sajjan said because ISIL, the Taliban, and Boko Haram have to be looked at in a way that includes the “complexity of conflict,” a complexity that includeds climate change.

Added Sajjan, climate change was something that was “creating grievances in many different parts of the world.”

This is a very dangerous and naive perspective.

Blaming “climate change” for terrorism and war is just giving an excuse to leaders and individuals for their actions.

People – and organizations – need to be held accountable – especially when innocent lives are lost in a brutal conflict. But that accountability is impossible to impose when people try to focus everywhere except where the problem is.

In fairness to Sajjan – who served Canada bravely in our armed forces – I think his statement is actually reflective of what his boss Justin Trudeau wants him and his government to say. After all, as we saw with the electoral reform betrayal, Trudeau likes using his ministers to deliver bad messages so he can escape all the blame and keep taking selfies.

Remember, Trudeau is the one who foolishly said that Canada would respond with “winter coats” as the Yazidi people were being slaughtered by ISIS.

Trudeau’s dangerously naive and out-of-touch government never seems to want to admit that there is a problem with Islamic extremism, or that one of our so-called allies – Saudi Arabia – funds extremist education around the globe.

No, our government is too afraid to talk about that, so instead they blame ‘climate change’ for terrorism and war.


This government’s refusal to accept hard truths about the world is dangerous, and it could put Canada at risk.

When we see that naive attitude on disply it’s easy to see why our military is so often left without the tools they need, and why our national defence always seems to be an afterthought.

Our government just doesn’t take it seriously.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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