Cowardly Canadian Elites Are Afraid Of Referendums

They don’t want to listen to the views of Canadians

One of the recurring themes I’ve noticed in discussions of electoral reform, carbon taxes, and other issues, is the overwhelming fear that Canada’s elites seem to have of the opinions of the Canadian people.

Before Italy’s referendum on changes to their political system – which voters rejected – Justin Trudeau publicly admitted that he told Italy’s Prime Minister, “Can you not do the referendum? Referendums are bad things to happen.”

Trudeau also added that deciding things by popular votes, “give people a chance to lash out at institutions – and they might.”

This perfectly shows the elitist attitude of people like Trudeau and the political elites. Even though they got elected in a system based on the popular vote, once they are in power they don’t want any more popular votes on any issues.

They want people to vote once every 4 or 5 years, and then go away and let the elites run everything.

Even on the big issues, such as the carbon tax and electoral reform – the elites don’t want to give us a vote.

Is it any wonder that people feel completely out of touch with the political process?

Canada’s elites don’t want their agenda interfered with

When those in power openly express their disdain for referendums, they expose themselves as anti-democratic.

Think about the massive arrogance behind Trudeau’s statement. “Lash out at institutions?” As if that’s a bad thing?

People will only lash out if those institutions are failing, and in a free society we should be free to “lash out” at institutions whenever they don’t deliver.

The elitist approach is clear: Give the impression of democracy while making the system as undemocratic as possible.

That’s why the government does events like the Trudeau Town Halls, while ignoring everything they actually heard from people there.

Trudeau heard a lot about the carbon tax, but he won’t listen. He’s going to try to push it through anyway.

If it went to a referendum, I’m quite certain it wouldn’t pass. Canadians don’t want more taxes, and when the real cost is revealed it will be obvious how much it will crush our pocketbooks.

But the government and the elitists don’t believe in giving us a real voice. They have their agenda, and they don’t want to let referendums “get in the way” of that agenda.

Canadians must push for political reform

Change won’t come from the top. The elitists feel too secure and too powerful. That’s why grassroots Canadians need to start saying loud and clear that we want our political system reformed. We want to be directly consulted on issues like electoral reform and the carbon tax.

I’m not talking about the fake “consultation” where a meeting is held and nothing changes. We need to demand real consultation, and that can only come through referendums.

After all, we – the Canadian people – are supposed to be in charge.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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