CRAZY: Black Lives Matter Toronto Calls Trudeau ‘White Supremacist Terrorist’

Total Insanity from Yusra Khogali

I’m no fan of Justin Trudeau. I think he’s a terrible Prime Minister, and I think he doesn’t have the best interests of Canada in mind.

But while Trudeau is many things (incompetent, dishonest, elitist, a globalist), he’s definitely not a ‘white supremacist terrorist.’

And yet, that’s the insane label given to Trudeau by Yusra Khogali – co-founder of Black Lives Matter Toronto.

Watch the craziness for yourself:

WATCH: Yusra Khogali from Black Lives Matter Toronto calls Trudeau ‘White Supremacist Terrorist’

This is totally insane.

There’s literally nothing that anyone can do to satisfy BLM Toronto, they would rather just yell and complain.

A while before this crazy incident, BLM Toronto got the Toronto Police kicked out of the Pride Parade – saying they didn’t want officers wearing their uniforms during the event.

You can’t reason with an organization that is so irrational and dictatorial.

They dictate to an event that isn’t even about their ’cause’ (whatever the hell that is), then call the Prime Minister a ‘white supremacist terrorist.’


It’s insane, and BLM Toronto has clearly lost all credibility with their extremist statements and actions.

This is one of those times where you’ve just gotta admit that some people are nuts.

Yusra Khogali is a racist

Yusra Khogali is clearly a racist, and is using her position to blame other people for her own failings.

Take a look at some of her horrendous statements:

Yusra Khogali hate crime

When will she face hate crime charges?

And then there’s this:

Yusra Khogali Crazy
Nice spelling.

It’s quite obvious that Yusra Khogali is the racist here.

As someone with a white mother and black father, I’m suspicious of any group that seeks to speak for all members of any minority group.

BLM Toronto only speaks for their narrow extremist membership.

Instead of focusing on race, we need to focus on people as individuals. Unfortunately, so long as hateful organizations like BLM Toronto keep acting in a racist way, societal divisions will only get worse.

You know it’s bad when I actually feel compelled to defend Justin Trudeau on something.


Spencer Fernando

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