Treacherous Trudeau Hides Carbon Tax Costs From Canadians

Trudeau keeps showing his contempt for Canada

Justin Trudeau is a deeply deceptive ‘leader,’ and every day provides more and more evidence of his treachery.

The latest example comes from news that the federal government knows how much the carbon tax will cost Canadians – but won’t reveal the information.

Requests to the government through access to information have produced documents on the carbon tax. But those documents are heavily blacked out, and the cost to Canadians of the carbon tax is hidden.

That is unacceptable.

The government and the politicians are supposed to work for us. How can they justify withholding the cost of the carbon tax from us?

We’re not talking about a matter of national security here. That would be understandable. But the carbon tax will hit all of us in the pocketbooks, ripping money out of our hands and putting it under the control of politicians.

The government should not, and must not be allowed to hide that cost from us.

The fact that Treacherous Trudeau wants to hide the cost shows how scared the government is of Canadians.

They know that we are getting fed up with seeing more and more of our money taken away and given to incompetent fools who try to remake the world with their utopian schemes while sticking us with the bill.

It’s a total outrage, and it’s another reason the Trudeau government has ZERO legitimacy left.

And even though the government won’t tell us the cost, they know it’ll hurt us. As reported by David Akin in the National Post, the heavily redacted government document makes this statement on the carbon tax:

“These higher costs (which) would then cascade through the economy in the form of higher prices, thus leading all firms and consumers to pay more for good and services with higher carbon content.”

What a joke.

The government wants to impose a policy on us, without telling us what it will actually cost us.

That’s not a democratic approach.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep saying it over and over and over again: The government works for us. Not the other way around. The government serves us. We are not supposed to serve the government.

Obviously, Justin Trudeau never believed in real democracy. He had everything given to him, and he could care less what Canadians think.

Canadians must demand that our government share all details of the carbon tax with us immediately. Justin Trudeau has no right and no justification for hiding this essential info.

He is our employee, not our ruler.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter