Trump Plays The Media On Terrorism

While visiting US Central Command in Florida, Donald Trump accused the media of not covering many terrorist attacks.

Of course, the media couldn’t let that slide, so they quickly went after him for getting the facts wrong.

They started to show clips of all the terrorist attacks they’ve covered, using this as proof that they have indeed provided coverage of terrorist attacks.

The media got played.

Running clips of previous terror attack coverage is exactly what Trump wanted them to do.

Right now he is trying to push through his controversial executive order banning immigration from terror-prone countries.

Getting the media to show all their coverage of terror attacks helps remind the public of the danger of terrorism. This helps Trump make the case for his immigration ban.

So the media – by “fact checking” Trump – plays into his hands.

Trump has been playing the media for a long time. It was estimated that he got the equivalent of $3 billion worth of advertising spending in free media coverage during the campaign. That’s because Trump understands the media at a very deep level.

While Trump is clearly having a tough adjustment to the process of governing, he still retains his ability to control the media, and they keep falling for it.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter